To lead the region in managing forests as ecosystems for multiple values.


To demonstrate leadership in sustainably managing a healthy and profitable diversified land base of quality working forestland for future generations of a small, family owned business.


To demonstrate leadership in the practice of sustainable forestry guided by a land stewardship ethic which fosters the ecological, historical, and social legacy of the land.

  • Long term, sustainable forest management must prioritize a healthy, functioning forest ecosystem above and beyond all other management objectives. 

  • We realize that the foundation for sustainable forest management depends on sound economic, social and ecologic practices.

  • We provide professional guidance to help landowners balance their management objectives within the capacity of the land and without compromising the ability of the forest to meet the needs of future generations. 

  • We know that long term, sustainable management that is viable, adaptable and dynamic depends on both a thorough understanding of the land and best forestry practices as well as a commitment to continued professional education and development. 

  • We work to build lasting, professional relationships with our clients based on partnership, integrity, and trust. 

  • We know that dynamic planning using a mix of traditional and progressive methods enables us to deliver high quality services and results which meet and exceed client expectations. 

  • We are passionate and persistent in our ongoing endeavor to make a difference.

  • We commit to high ethical standards when working with our clients, employees, contractors, and the general public.