Private Forestry Consulting

Meadowsend Consulting Co. plays an important role in managing the forestland that others own. We provide the same commitment to ecologically and economically viable forestry for private landowners that we practices on our own lands.  Meadowsend  prides itself on its solid integrity and reputation for bringing a progressive practice of sustainable forest management to the private woodlot owners.  Meadowsend seeks to meet and exceed the ownership objectives for the land without compromising the integrity of the forest and its natural processes.

Meadowsend manages land for private landowners all over the New England area and boasts a very impressive client list including land for large non-profit organizations, land trusts, municipal forests and small conscientious private land owners.

Call us to schedule a free site visit and consultation.  This is the most powerful step to land stewardship you can take.  Take the opportunity to meet and discuss your objectives for your land with an experienced forester..


Forest Management Planning

A major movement on the road toward sustainable forestry and forest practices is the idea of green certification.   In theory the idea is relatively simple, but in practice it is somewhat more complex.  The idea is that forest practices meet a stringent set of sustainable guidelines that are set up and approved  by  a  certification system.   The certification  system MTL has  chosen  is  the  Tree Farm/PEFC . Their certification assures  that the well-managed forestry guidelines of Tree Farm/PEFC are being met by MTL. Our management  has been PEFC certified since 1999. Currently,  there  are  over  30,000 acres  involving  nearly  50  properties under our Tree Farm/PEFC Certification.
   Meadowsend's certified  forestry  can bring PEFC certification to private
land owners that meet the standards.  

   Requests for a forest management plan or current use information can be sent to Laura French.

Current Use / UVA Compliance

Current Use Compliance in Vermont & New Hampshire

The Use Value Appraisal/Current Use tax designation for forestland/farmland enables the enrolled portion of the property to be taxed at its "Current Use" rather than the default "Highest and Best Use" based on development values.  This more equitable valuation represents a substantial reduction in the tax rate on the enrolled forestland.  Meadowsend foresters can help landowners meet the criteria for the program, which varies from state to state.


Nearly always, the cost to enroll will pay off immediately over the next tax year or two.


Forest Inventory - Timber Appraisal

Meadowsend will design and apply an appropriate inventory system for your timberland in order to generate valuable information about the current conditions and future potential of your forest as well as the current market value for the timber on your property .

Photo:  Laura (Forester and GIS technician) measures the diameter of a large eastern white pine during a timber cruise.  Our timber cruises are a part of our systematic forest inventory process.  The data that we gather during these inventories allows us to evaluate forest conditions and make sound management decisions.

Forest Management Planning

10-year Forest Management Planning

Forest management plans are important long-term planning tools which help connect people with their land while providing a place to document the history, character, management recommendations, and important records of management actions.  Our 10-year plans are a must have for landowners that need scheduled management activities and want a readable document. Meadowsend generates comprehensive and adaptive forest management plans based on inventory data that is specific to your land.  We work with landowners to help develop their own land management goals and objectives, which are the driving force behind management recommendations.  Meadowsend takes pride in creating management plans that are both science based and provide "outside of the box" thinking, and which always put the health and functioning of the forest ecosystem first.


Wildlife Habitat Management

Many landowners are interested in enhancing their land for wildlife. Whether it is for large or small mammals, predators, songbirds, amphibians or all of the above, we can make management recommendations based on your forest and your specific objectives.  Management for wildlife is done through modifying the habitat found on your land.  Though not a comprehensive list, this can involve things such as creating large openings for early successional habitat, establishing permanent openings (mowable), creation or releasing mast producing trees in the forest to increase food sources, creating riparian buffer zones, to creating large standing dead trees for cavity nesting birds and brush piles for shelter.  We will reference local habitat management guides and garner advice from wildlife biologist specialists to help provide customized wildlife habitat recommendations based on your objectives and the capacity and scope of your forest combined with what the local landscape has to offer.


Custom GIS Mapping / GIS Data

Management Mapping

Meadowsend will generate and manage state of the art maps of your property using its Geographical Information System technology.  This is the newest, most widely used and most accurate method of generating maps of property boundaries and the features that fall within those boundaries.


Timber Sale Management/Habitat Enhancement Harvest

Selling the forest products on your land often is an important component to the economic stability of owning and maintaining forestland for the long term.  Not only can it make owning and investing in land a feasible and rewarding endeavor, but it also works to support local jobs and economies while providing a locally produced, sustainable, naturally renewable resource right from your back yard!


This component of the management process can be a complex undertaking, but Meadowsend foresters provide the professional skills and expertise needed not only to ensure the forest is managed in a sustainable manner, but that water, soils, and important habitat and communities are protected.  We also have developed strong working relationships with contractors, local mills, and processing plants combined with an in-depth knowledge of current market conditions that enables us to ensure our clients receive the highest sustainable, economic return their land can provide.  Our knowledge of the current market conditions and connection to responsible, hard- working loggers ensures that not only will you get the greatest return on your forestland, but that future generations will also benefit from your good stewardship.

Progressive reasons to harvest timber: 

Habitat Enhancement and Ecological Rehabilitation.


Financial and Timber Accounting

Meadowsend's professional relationships with mills, pulp mills, log yards and biomass facilities throughout the New England area will ensure maximum economic return for your forest products as well as accurate and efficient  financial monitoring and documentation.

A log truck loads forest products for transport to local mills where they will be processed.


Trail and Road Construction

Meadowsend's vast experience will help generate an efficient and productive layout and design for timber harvesting on your property.  This efficiency is essential in 
minimizing the impact to the land as well as maximizing access to timber resources.  These intricate systems will facilitate future harvests and provide excellent recreational opportunities for family and friends.

The layout of timber harvest is a vital component of good forest management.  Properly located and sized roads and log landings can help minimize any lasting impacts in the forest and can help facilitate future management.


Conservation Easement Planning

Considering the long-term conservation of your land?  MTL has an impressive resume of developing and implementing working conservation easements on many of our 30,000 acres in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Let us help facilitate and review your conservation easement to ensure that your land will remain working, open, green-space for generations to come!


National Resource Conservation Services -Technical Service Providers Services

Owning land has many benefits; such has promoting wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, timber harvesting and the sense of good stewardship.  Sometimes these benefits supply income, such as timber harvesting.  But many times, landowners are required to invest in their property to promote wildlife habitat, recreational trails, or timber stand improvement.  These investments can vary in cost from hard work and sweat equity to large financial expenditures.  


Invasive Plant Control

Invasive plant control is now more critical than ever. Providing this management tool brings Meadowsend to a full-service business of long term land stewardship. This service component of the business consists of providing different control options for landowners in managing their invasive plant populations. Control options are herbicide applications and mechanical hand pulling of non-native woody and herbaceous invasive species.  Control objectives is to effectively lower the population levels of invasive plants to create healthier opportunity for other native plants and trees to grow. Longer term goals of invasive control are to enhance forest system health of forest ecology.