"We hold the forestry professionals at Meadowsend Timberlands in the highest regard.  The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is a demanding client  we insist on the highest standards for all work performed on our properties  and with Meadowsend on the job we're confident those standards are met or exceeded.  We consider Meadowsend true partners in our mission to conserve working forests in New Hampshire and the renewable resource they provide."

Jane Difley

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

"The long-term investment and management horizons which Meadowsend Timberlands employs in its forestland holdings are critical to the success of conservation organizations like Vermont Land Trust.  Our goal is not merely to protect Vermont's environment and scenic beauty, but to strengthen the economy of our rural communities and maintain the heritage of a working landscape.  VLT cannot achieve this mission without partners like Meadowsend Timberlands who share our goals"

Darby Bradley

Vermont Land Trust

"My sister and I  recently inherited our maternal grandfathers ancestral home, a long-abandoned Vermont hill farm, which had grown back into a typical uplands mix of hardwoods and conifers. It was long overdue for a professional foresters input.  Our objectives were to realize an income from the mature timber, but, as importantly, to utilize sustainable-yield practices consistent with minimal impact and respect for a forest ecosystem.  We wished to assure that the woods would support a vibrant mix of plants and wildlife.  It became clear upon inquiry that Meadowsend Timberlands Ltd. (MTL) was highly regarded in New England forestry circles as a top-of-the-line forest management company and, most importantly, appeared to share our objectives.  In 2006, The Ecosystem Management Company, a subsidiary of Meadowsend Timberlands, prepared a comprehensive forest management plan for us.  Subsequently I began timber stand improvement work based on the plan, some past experience and in cooperation with the MTL foresters.  In the winter of 2010, a MTL forester oversaw our first thinning of mature maple and ash.  I became a student of silvicultural practices as we regularly, at his insistence, snowshoed the hillside, shared objectives, and he tutoring me on the finer points of a thinning operation. Our first logging has amply demonstrated to me the importance of a forest management organization that shares in the landowners ideals and has the expertise and experience to identify and hire top-notch loggers, and expertly oversee grading and marketing of the logs. We feel the staff of MTL are superbly demonstrating these skills."

Sandy Witherell

Private Landowner

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