Meadowsend will work directly with you and your land, helping you to understand the current conditions of your property and its future potential. Our company's extensive management experience will help us develop a strong and invaluable relationship with you and your land that persists well into the future as you and your lands grow and change.  

Contact us today for a free initial consultation or to receive our extensive management services and to begin a fun, informative and rewarding relationship  with your land and with our team. 

Image:  A hardwood stand thinned for optimal growth of residual trees.

What You Do With Your Land Does Make A Difference!

 The sustainable management of privately owned land has long played an integral  role in directly employing local workers, supporting local forest products industries, improving the health of forests and future values of land and encouraging wildlife populations.  Today more and more landowners are beginning to realize these benefits and are beginning to understand that their land plays a vital role in the health and productivity of these mentioned local and regional assets.   
          Since 1998 Meadowsend has been helping many of these landowners further their  understanding of the ecosystems on their land and the role they play within the landscape. Together Meadowsend and private landowners have helped to responsibly utilize the valued natural resources of New England and have demonstrated the understanding that what happens on a private landowner's woodlot, small or large, can have impacts well beyond its boundary lines.

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