Meadowsend Timberlands Limited was started in 1992, in Kingston, 

New Hampshire by Bob French, a passionate and dedicated outdoorsman and forest owner.   Bob gained his knowledge and appreciation for forests and forest products through his long career in the lumber business, a career that began as a teenager and continued for over 60 years.  Bob's goals for MTL were to obtain a significant landholding of high quality forestland so that these natural and productive areas could remain conserved and sustainably managed by a small group of committed employees.  The company started with roughly 1,370 acres of timberland between two states, Maine and New Hampshire, and began managing land for private landowners in 1998 with the creation of The Ecosystem Management Company (TEMCO).   

20 years later our forestry consulting business is Meadowsend Consulting.

Today Meadowsend is still a family owned partnership and small team of dedicated and experienced individuals.  Throughout the years the company has acquired over 30,000 acres of timberlands within primarily New Hampshire and Vermont.  It is this extensive land base that has proved to be the foundation for the development of our companys creative, progressive, sustainable and economically viable forest management practices.   These practices reflect our companys belief that sound forest stewardship begins in the woods, but does not end there.  Our work strives to support local economies, uphold social responsibility and embrace educational opportunities in order to promote good forestry and to illustrate its importance within todays forests.

    Through these efforts we have developed a vision that does not sacrifice ecological vitality for economic success. We carry out this vision by interpreting and understanding the past, evaluating the present and incorporating our knowledge and experience to positively impact the future.  We strive to truly make a difference with our commitment to good forestry by implementing the patience and foresight it requires.


JLeft to Right:  Jeremy Turner, Laura French, Lisa Melanson, Jim Ferrante, Ryan Kilborn, Conner Tilton

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