MTL manages land for private landowners all over the New England area and boasts a very impressive client list.

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The sustainable management of privately owned land has long played an integral  role in directly employing local workers, ....

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Forest Management Planning
10-year Forest Management Planning

Forest management plans are important long-term planning tools which help connect people with their land while providing a place to document the history, character, management recommendations, and important records of management actions.
Timber Sales Services
Selling the forest products on your land often is an important component to the economic stability of owning and maintaining forestland for the long term. Not only can it make owning and investing in land a feasible and rewarding endeavor, but it also works to support local jobs and economies while providing a locally produced, sustainable, naturally renewable resource right from your back yard!
Invastive Plant Management
Invasive plant control is now more critical than ever. Providing this management tool brings Meadowsend to a full-service business of long term land stewardship. This service component of the business consists of providing different control options for landowners in managing their invasive plant populations. Control options are herbicide applications, and mechanical/ hand pulling of non-native woody and herbaceous invasive species. Control objectives is to effectively lower the population level
Custom GIS Mapping
Meadowsend will generate and manage state of the art maps of your property using its Geographical Information System technology. This is the newest, most widely used and most accurate method of generating maps of property boundaries and the features that fall within those boundaries.

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